Civics and Government 

≫ Branches of Government Video:
≫ The Three Branches of Government Rap:
≫ Branches of Government: brainpop jr - branches of government    
(username: ps101, Password: brainpop)
≫ Checks and Balances: discovery education video
≫ State and Local Government Video: brainpop jr. 
≫ Branches of Government Game:
≫ Quizlet: Branches of Government Vocabulary
≫ Rights and Responsibilities: Brainpop jr    
≫ Voting: brainpop jr. 
≫ Ed-Ted Video: How is power in the Government Divided/3 branches of government

Review Government Kahoot It!!!

  1. Click on this link to access the Kahoot Review. 
  2. Click Play then start now.
  3. Choose 1:1 devices (Classic)
  4. On an iPad, phone, or another computer go to and enter the game pin (there is also a mobile app if you want to add it).  
  5. Enter players names.  Hit start and play the game against the computer.  The game will need to be run from the original device it was brought up from.  Enjoy!!!