Homework should be completed nightly and ready for checking in the morning. Students will have math and reading assignments Monday through Thursday. I ask that you check in with your child daily and sign his/her homework sheet upon completion.


Language Arts: Have your parents sign all forms that need to be returned. Make sure you bring in 2 books for reading in class. Have your parents sign your homework sheet.

Math No homework


Language Arts: Make sure that your parents have returned all school forms. Collect the items for your all about me bag. Read for 15 minutes( a book of your choice). Have your parents sign your homework sheet

Math: worksheet


Language Arts: Make sure your “all about me bag” is completed. Read for 15 minutes( I encourage you to read to your parents).

Math: Introduction to multiplication worksheet


Language Arts: Read for 20 minutes and discuss what you are reading with a family member.

Math: multiplication worksheet. Make sure your parents sign your homework sheet.