October newsletter

We had a great time and great weather at the art museum.  I think the kids really enjoyed it.  Please do not forget to turn in your PTA dance form if your child is interested in attending this October event.  If you have not signed up for a conference, and would like one, please go to my sign up genius.  I am looking forward to conferencing with you.  Parent Academy will be Thursday night.  A flyer with all of the sessions went home in the Friday folders.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about different programs that are happening at our school.


Red ribbon week is coming.  The details are listed below.

For more than 20 years, Red Ribbon Week has been the week when communities encourage healthy lifestyles and teach students about the dangers of drugs. Red Ribbon Week is celebrated nationally, and DDE is proud to support this effort with a week of spirit activities and a Food Drive.


Begin Food Drive on Thursday, October 24th! Thursday: “We are ‘RED’-y for Red Ribbon Week!” Wear something RED!

Friday: “Say ‘Peace Out’ to Drugs!” -Wear TIE-DYE CLOTHES!

Monday: “We are PAWS-itively Drug-Free! - Wear ANIMAL PRINTS or PICTURES!

Tuesday: “Being Drug-Free is ‘No Sweat’!” – Wear SWEATS or GYM CLOTHES!

Wednesday: “We are WILD about being Drug-Free!” – Wear WILD SOCKS/SHOES and/or a CRAZY HAIRSTYLE!

 Continue Food Drive through Wednesday, October 30th at 8:00am! ***After 8am, food brought to DDE will not count toward contest.***

Third grade will be collecting Peanut butter, dry pastas/noodles, pasta sauces, crackers, jellies/jams (no packets)


Academic happenings

In math we have completed our unit on graphing and we have started our unit on adding and subtracting multi digit numbers.  I teach this skill using several different methods and I do encourage students to try using them all.  It is important for children to understand what is happening when we regroup and ungroup, therefore the standard algorithm will be taught later in the unit.  Please continue to work with your child on their multiplication facts nightly.  We will spiral back to multiplication shortly.

In reading we are working on finding the main idea, supporting details and using context clues to help us figure out unknown words.  Students are continuing to work on their projects. This project is about an assigned country and the challenges people there face getting books. They are writing a report and will present their information in a poster.

In science we started our unit on the human body.  Our focus for this unit will be on the skeletal and muscular systems and how they help us survive.


Sept./Oct. Newsletter from trailer 701

Updates from 701

Congratulations to KamRon Hayes(mayor), Sophia Smith and Leila Siry(town council) on being elected to our class council.  All of the candidates did a great job giving their speeches and discussing their reasons for running.  We will have the Cary Mayor coming to DDE on October 4th to do a meet and great with all of our third grade students.  He will then meet separately with our elected officials. 

Picture day will be October 2nd.  Preorder forms were sent home for individual pictures as well as the identakid forms.  Please return these forms by picture day if you are interested in purchasing either of these items.

Walk to school or bike day will be October 3rd.

October 9th is a teacher workday.

October 10th is our Field trip to the Art Museum.  Students will wear their DDE t-shirt and we will leave and return before the end of the day. If your child is packing their lunch please make sure all items are disposable.

Here is a sneak peak of what we will be learning

In Math we have finished our unit on multiplication.  We will circle back to this 2nd quarter.  I highly encourage your child to start practicing their multiplication facts.  We will begin timed tests to check for fluency when we return to this unit.  We will now move to our unit on graphing. This will include a study of pictographs and bar graphs. This is a short unit, so from there we will begin our study of addition and subtraction.   

In Reading we have spent several weeks discussing the gist of a story using fictional material.  We have looked at the characters, problem, solution and outcome.  Our unit has been about the challenges that children face getting books around the world.  We are now looking at informational texts on the same theme.  Our focus is on identifying the main idea and supporting details. We are also learning how to write a well organized paragraph with a topic sentence and supporting details.  Students will be assigned their first research project shortly.   

In Social Studies we are finishing up our unit on good citizenship and government.  We will begin our first unit in science shortly.  Our focus will be on the systems in the human body.

2nd newsletter from 701

Greetings from 701

It was so nice to see everyone at Open House.  I think all of the students enjoyed showing their parents what we have been doing.  The B.O.G.s were a success today.  The class worked hard and did well focusing on the test.

Field trip forms went home in the Friday folders.  Please fill out these forms and return them as soon as possible.  Our class will be the first class to take a school field trip this year so this needs prompt attention.  Please consider paying for your child’s field trip online(DDE website).  This cuts down on the paperwork required for me and the office.  I will be allowed to take 4 parent chaperones to the art museum.  Let me know if you are interested in attending. You will need to register as a volunteer if you have not done so. Volunteer status must be updated every year.  The date of our first field trip is October 10th.

 Scott Reintgen will be coming to speak about writing his newest children’s book on Tuesday.  Pre order forms were sent home last week and those students will receive their books for signing on that day.  There may be some extra copies available for purchase as well.  The cost is $17.

Attraction Dining guide orders were sent home today.

Important upcoming dates

Interim report cards September 28th

No school September 30th

School Pictures October 2nd

Walk or Bike to school October 3rd

Here’s a sneak peek on what we will be doing next week: 

Math: multiplication word problems and continued work learning our multiplication facts(0,1,2, 5, 10).  Feel free to start quizzing your child at home as well.

Reading: Reading for gist and recounting the story, continued work with prefixes, and finding details in a story. 

Writing: Note taking & writing a short-constructed response. Students will write their first graded book report.

SS: The branches of Federal and State government and the responsibilities of each branch.  We will also discuss running for Mayor in our classroom.







Happenings from trailer 701

 Happenings in Mrs. Schmedding’s class

Welcome to Third Grade! We are off to a great start! The children have been amazing! Our class will continue to practice routines and establish high expectations for behavior and work habits in the classroom. It is going to be an amazing year! I will be sending out my newsletters via email and will also post it to my webpage as well.

Please remember to sign your child’s homework log each night after they have completed their homework. Homework logs are checked daily. Students are currently reading for 20 minutes a night and should have nightly math assignments. Eventually on some nights, they will have additional reading assignments as well.

Please review the information I sent home about the PTA fundraiser that is underway. Families will have the option to purchase/sell the Attractions Dining and Value Guide. These booklets have lots of great coupons and discounts in them. Please consider supporting our PTA.

I am in need of a room mom/ PTA liaison. This is a great way to get involved and see what we are working on. Please consider volunteering for this position.

We will have our beginning of grade testing(BOG) on September 10th. This is a baseline score for the third grade. It will be the first time that many of the students have seen this type of standardized test. This does not count as a grade, but only serves to give us some additional information.

We will have our Third Grade Open House on September 12th from 6:00-7:00.  The format for open house will be different this year.  This is a drop in session where children will be showing their parents what they do at school each day. Other pertinent information will be on my website.

Fall picture day will be October 2nd. Mark your calendars.

Our first field trip will be October 10th. We will be going to the Art Museum. If you are interested in attending, please make sure you are registered as a volunteer. At this point, it looks like we will each get to take approximately 3 chaperones.

Thank you so much for the wish list items that have been sent in so far. I really appreciate your generosity.

Here’s what we will be doing next week:

In Math:

We are learning various ways to represent multiplication( _groups of _, repeated addition, and using rows and columns). Students are learning that the first factor in a multiplication equation indicates the number of groups while the second factor indicates the number of items in each group. Drawings must match the equation exactly. The math vocabulary used in this unit includes factors, products arrays, commutative property, and repeated addition.

In Social Stuides:

We will begin our unit on Government.  We will be learning about the 3 branches of government and how each branch works.  We will also focus on the leadership roles in local government as well.


In Language Arts:

Wake County has adopted a new reading program that consists of units that explore different topics in great detail. Reading and writing skills are incorporated into each of the lessons.  Our first unit focuses on the challenges that many students face around the world as they try to go to school and the limited resources that are available to them.  We will focus on reading for gist and then reading a second time in order to comprehend in more detail. We will also be working on fluency as we read.  Writing lessons will explore characters, setting, situation and solution.  I will be emphasizing complete sentences and correct punctuation. Most of the work that the students do in class will be in a workbook that will not be sent home until the end of the unit.  Students are also working on how to choose good fit books and building stamina as they read.  I will also begin M Class tesing next week with your child.


Upcoming Dates:

September 2nd Labor Day (no school)

September 10th BOG(Beginning of the year exam) 8:00 am

September1 12th Open House

September 30th teacher workday


Today we started working on finding good fit books in reading. We used the IPICK strategy. I stands for interest, P stands for Purpose, C stands for comprehension, and K stands for know the words. Your child will be reading to you for homework tonight. Please follow the instructions on the homework sheet. If there are 5 or more words that they can not read, their chosen book may be too hard for them.


Dear Parents,


I am very excited and honored to welcome you and your child to my class and I am looking forward to a very successful school year. I realize how precious your child is to you and I give you my word to take care of your treasure as best as I can. Third grade will be a year of great growth. It is my goal, with your help, to make the most of this year by encouraging and supporting your child to reach their full potential.

To make your child’s year rewarding and enjoyable, I have included some information that will help you and your child prepare for the year ahead.

1. School begins promptly at 7:45 a.m. Students may enter the building as early as 7:15 a.m. to begin preparing for the day. I highly recommend your child get to school early enough to unpack their book bag and work on their morning work. I will begin class without delay.

2. If your child is going to be absent from school, please call the office at 919-387-2130 by 7:45. A note or email describing the reason for the absence must be turned in to us within two days of the absence. Your child will be responsible for making up any missed assignments. Please keep in mind assignments will not be prepared in advance for anticipated absences.

3. Your child will have a homework folder that will go home with them daily. In this folder they will keep their homework assignment sheet, along with their homework and any announcements/communication that I need you to be aware of. Each student will be expected to assume the following responsibilities with regard to the this folder: (1) Pick up all daily homework assignments, (2) Ask a parent to look at the Homework Assignment sheet, review it, and make sure that the daily assignment has been completed (3) pass out any notes/communication updates in the binder, and (4) Carry the  folder to and from school every day (Except Friday).

Please check your student’s folder every night. It allows you to see what your child is doing in class each day and it will give you the opportunity to talk with your child about what they are learning.

4. Your child will be bringing home a Friday Folder with graded classwork and assessments. Please review this information with your child.

5. Our class will have a snack break each day. I ask that you provide a healthy snack for your child to enjoy, and please have them bring in a refillable water bottle daily as well. This will help them stay hydrated. It is best to purchase one that is spill proof and preferably one that is insulated to prevent condensation. Water bottles are very important in the trailers.

6. I maintain a class website that is updated regularly. Please refer to the news section for updated information and the homework section for updated homework assignments.

7. There are many opportunities to volunteer in the classroom this year. Though I don’t have literacy centers, I often need help working with small groups during different times of the day. I also need plenty of volunteers for our fun field trips and learning experiences so please register in the media center ASAP-it can sometimes take weeks to receive clearance. I always send out an email for volunteers so please look for them.

8. Even during inclement weather, we will be walking outside to re-enter the building at various times during the day. Please consider sending in a small travel umbrella for your child to keep for rainy days. Please label the handle.

Again, I welcome your family to my class and I look forward to a pleasant, positive, productive and fun year!! By creating a positive and productive environment, I wish to establish a lifelong love of learning for every student. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at school between 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM or send me an email. With parents and teachers working together in the best interest of the child, there is no limit to what they can accomplish.


Mrs. Schmedding