February Newsletter

Important dates

Feb.   15th  NC Math Check in scores went home in Friday folders

Feb.   18th   No School

Feb.   19th   Make up Snow Day

March 1st   3rd quarter interim report cards go home

March 8th   Early Release


Academic Happenings:


In Math, we have started our unit on fractions.  We have been working on partitioning fractions, putting fractions on a number line and drawing them.  Students have learned the definition of numerator, denominator and unit fraction.  In the coming days we will discuss improper and mixed numbers, and equivalent fractions.  Please continue to quiz your child nightly on their multiplication facts.

In Language Arts, we are reading Peter Pan and discussing each chapter in great detail.  Students have been working on writing chapter summaries, understanding the meaning of prefixes, and suffixes, identifying different types of figurative language,  and understanding point of view.  Students should be reading for 30 minutes a night if they have not been assigned a reading passage.

In Science, we are finishing up our unit on matter.  We have done several experiments to demonstrate how matter can change state.  We will be discussing heat transfer, evaporation and condensation next week.  We will then start our unit on force and motion.

Spring conferences will be coming shortly.  These will be student lead.  If you would prefer a one on one conference with me, please let me know.  

Thanks so much for your continued support!


Updates and happenings


Report cards and Mclass scores went home in the Friday folders.  There is also information about our Valentine’s box decorating contest in there as well. (I will send home a list with all of the student’s names shortly). We will be going to see a play about Jane Goodall’s life on Wednesday morning at the Carolina Theater.  Chaperones are not needed at this time.  Please make sure that your child wears their orange t shirt on Wednesday.    


Important dates:


Feb. 6thfield trip

February  14thValentines Day.

February  15thEarly Release

February 18thHoliday  (No school)

February 19th  Make Up snow day



Academic Happenings


In math we are wrapping up the final part of our geometry unit.  We have been discussing how to get area and perimeter and the uses for each in the real world.  Students worked on designing a floor plan in Willie Wonka’s house.  They had to include certain dimensions for several of the rooms,  they then had a good time designing some of the other rooms on this floor.  I loved seeing what they called their rooms and what each room was used for.  All of the students continue to do a great job mastering their multiplication facts. This has definitely made finding area easier.  We will be moving to our unit on fractions shortly.  This is quite a long and involved unit.   We will spend some time identifying what a fraction is, and what it looks like on both a number line and when it is partitioned in a shape. We will also practice decomposing fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and finding equivalency.


In reading we have started our unit on Peter Pan. We are reading a second edition version so the language is very difficult.  As we read, we are discussing figurative language, character traits, point of view and determining meaning of unknown words.  We are writing a summary about each chapter and learning to answer questions based on the evidence in the text.


In science we have started our unit on the 3 forms of matter.  We will do several experiments to show how matter changes from one state to another. We will also observe the physical and chemical changes that can occur when matter changes..  Finally, we will discuss how temperature impacts matter.  


Please feel free to contact me with any concerns. Thank you for support!





Happenings from 701


Please join us for our first Parent Academy that will be held on January 24.   

More details are available about this upcoming event at  https://sites.google.com/wcpss.net/dde-parent-academy/home .  We will offer childcare during the Parent Academy.  Drop-off for childcare begins at 5:45 PM. Childcare is for current DDE students only, not older or younger siblings. Please make arrangements for other children. In order for students to participate in our Childcare Program, parents will need to pre-register using this form.  Please take some time to review the session topics and additional information about our Parent Academy. 


Important dates:


January 18   Make up snow day

January 21   Holiday. No school

February 1    Report Cards go home

February 6  Field trip to see Jane         Goodall Play


Academic Happenings:


In math we will be concluding our unit on geometric shapes this week.  We will then move on to our study of area and perimeter.  Please continue to have your child practice their facts nightly.


In science we are studying the many unique landforms on planet earth.   We will cover the physical features of water and different landforms.  We will then move to our unit on the states of matter.


In language arts we are working on completing our frog books.  Each student has become an expert on a specific frog.  We have researched, written, and revised our research paper. Students will be presenting their findings to their fellow students on Friday.  We have also spent some time reading and analyzing poetry.  


In quarter 3, we will be studying fairy tales and fables.  We will also investigate what figurative language is and how it is used.  Please make sure your child is reading for at least 20 minutes every night.






Happy New Year!.  I hope that 2019 proves to be a year of great success, peace and happiness for you and your family.  Thank you so much for the many kind cards and gifts I received.  I do appreciate your generosity and support.  

Notable dates:

January 18th Make up snow day

January 21st Holiday

January 24th Parents academy at DDE

February 1st Report Cards go home


Academic Happenings

In math students are working on mastering their multiplication facts through 10.  Most of the students are doing a great job with this.  If they are unable to get all of the problems right on the first attempt they can always retake the test.  We have completed our unit on multiplication and division (even though we are still working on mastering of facts), but we will continue to work on multi-step word problems that focus on these operations. We will also be moving to our unit on geometry. This is a vocabulary rich unit, so we will spend some time familiarizing ourselves with the many words associated with this unit.  Students will be responsible for identifying different geometric shapes and  the attributes.

In Social Studies we are continuing our unit on the five themes of geography.  We have talked about absolute and relative location, place, the regions of the US and NC.  We will focus on human interactions, and movement when we return.  We will then spend some time working on different landforms found around the world.

In reading we are currently working on writing our first nonfiction essay about frogs. Students have been collecting research about their frog’s habitat, structural and behavioral adaptations, predators and prey, and interesting facts.  We have worked on writing a catchy hook, and now we are in the process of writing our first rough draft.  We will spend time making sure that the body of the essay flows, and we will practice our editing skills.  Students have been reviewing different verb tenses (past, present and future), adjectives, and pronouns.   MClass testing will begin again the week of January 7th. We will be assessing the students on reading fluency as well as oral and written comprehension. Mid year benchmark is a level N. Continue to have your child share their details when they are reading!!




Happenings from 701

Iowa achievement testing will be on December 5th and 6th

Interims will come home on December 7th

Movie night at DDE will be on December 15th

Early release on December 21st

Christmas Break Dec. 22nd- January- 2nd


Academic Happenings:

The third grade curriculum has a focus on multiplication. Not only will students need to understand the concept of multiplication and know their facts, but they will also be required to apply those facts to new situations. For this reason, it is important for students to memorize their basic multiplication facts (3.OA.7). Please practice these facts at home-you can practice in the car, during commercials, at the breakfast table, etc. Just a few minutes each day can make a difference! Students can also practice multiplication on multiplication.com at home.

I have made a schedule of when your child should have mastered each set of facts. We will take a quiz on these dates.

Fact:                       Date of Quiz

0-1                 Friday, 11/30

2 & 5              Friday, 12/7

3                     Friday, 12/14

4                    Thursday, 12/20

6                     Friday, 1/11

7                     Friday, 1/18

8                     Friday, 1/25

9                     Friday, 2/1

10                   Friday, 2/8

11                    Friday, 2/15

We will continue to work on multistep word problems and best practices for solving them as well..

 In science we are finishing up our unit on space.   Our class has had a great time learning about the sun, moon, constellations, and the planets.  The field trip to Morehead Planetarium was a nice way to bring all of this information together.  We will take our final assessment for this unit on Wednesday.  We will then begin the 5 themes of geography(location, place, human environment, regions, and movement).

In language arts students have completed their first Por Quoi tale.  They all chose a frog they were interested in and wrote a story about how the features of that frog came to be.  We spent time exploring great beginnings, adjectives, comparatives and superlatives, using quotation marks, and writing a good ending.  We will now begin writing a research report on their chosen frog.  The emphasis will be on writing a topic sentence, supporting details and a concluding sentence. We will also spend time exploring text features.






Happenings from 701


The book fair is coming!  We will visit the book fair on Tuesday to preview the items and we will go back on Friday to make purchases.  Family night will be Friday evening. 


Thanksgiving break will begin with an early release day on November 20th.


Our field trip to the Moorehead Planetarium will be November 27th.  No chaperones are needed.


I am in need of a few items for my treasure box and would gladly accept any donations.


Academic happenings.


We have started our second unit in Language Arts.  We are studying poetry and reading pourquoi tales about frogs.  Pourquoi tales are fictional narratives that explain why something is the way it is.  We have read stories about the poison dart frog, the wood frog, and polliwogs.  Students will be writing their very own pourquoi tale about frogs shortly.  We will also spend some time reviewing what adjectives, pronouns and superlatives are.


In math we are circling back to multiplication. We will spend several weeks working to become fluent multipliers.  Students will take timed quizzes as we go along so I can check their progress. We will focus on fluency with the digits 1-6 first.   Division will also be introduced so nightly practice with both would be beneficial.


In science we’ve started our study of the solar system.  We are learning about each of the planets.  We will also study the importance of the sun and how the earth travels around it. 

Newsletter October 29th

Important dates:

  • On November 5th, 3rd-5th graders will be treated to a performance by the Story Pirates called, Lemoncello Live!, based on the Mr. Lemoncello's Library series by Chris Grabenstein.  Students have been learning about the author and series during their media classes and are very excited about the upcoming performance!  Flyers were sent home to purchase the books to support the PTA.  They can also be found here http://www.davisdriveesmediacenter.com/uploads/6/5/7/9/6579681/lemoncello_live_davis_dr_es_110518__1_.pdf   

  • We will have a 2 hour delay on November 6th.

  • Report cards will go home November 9th

  • November 12th is Veteran’s Day there will be no school

  • The Book Fair begins November 13th


Academic happenings:

 In Science we are finishing up our unit on the muscular and skeletal systems, as well as our study of skin.  When we are finished with this unit we will begin our study of planet Earth and the solar system.

In Math we have been adding and subtracting three-digit numbers, rounding to the nearest 10 and 100.  We have also learned that rounding is a good way to get an approximate sum or difference.  We will continue to work on estimating as we move into multi step word problems. 

In Language Arts we have finished our unit on overcoming learning challenges.  We ended the unit by having students identify what they considered their learning challenges in reading to be, and we brainstormed things we could do to overcome those challenges. We set up some goals for ourselves and we will check in periodically to see if we are indeed using these strategies.  We will now spend some time reading nonfiction and poetry.   The goal is to become an expert on frogs.


Happenings from 701

The kids had a great time at the Art museum!   I even got a very nice compliment about their behavior from the docent who was showing us around. Thank you to those parents that volunteered their time to come and chaperone.

Next week is Red Ribbon week.  The focus is on a healthy lifestyle and the dangers of drug use.  We can all be incredible when we are drug free!  We will also be having a food drive.  Third graders are asked to bring in peanut butter, dry pastas/noodles, pasta sauces, and crackers.   There will be a spirit day for each day of the week.  Monday will be wear red to school day, Tuesday is crazy sock day, Wednesday is backwards day, Thursday is pajama day, and Friday is DDE spirit day. 

The fitness testing for Mrs. Squier’s class( and half of my class) will be October 23rd.  This is a make up day.  Please contact Mrs. Mickles if you can help.  I know that she is looking for volunteers.

Don’t forget that October 31st is now a regular day of school.

Thank you to those parents that have made conference appointments.  I have enjoyed speaking to you about your child.

BOG scores and Mclass scores are coming home in the Friday folder.  Please see the accompanying note in the envelope on the upcoming Read to Achieve meeting.


Academic Happenings:

In science we are continuing our investigation of the skeletal system. We have talked about the importance of the skeleton and the protection and structure it provides us.  We will begin discussing the muscular system shortly, and the importance of our joints.

In math we have been practicing adding and subtracting multi digit numbers.  We will learn several different methods for both and then the children can choose which method they like the best.  Please continue to have your child practice his/her multiplication facts nightly.  We roll back to a multiplication unit shortly.

In reading we are finishing up our unit on learning challenges around the world.  Students continue to focus on reading and summarizing.  We are also working on determining meaning of unknown words. We will then discuss what we see as our learning challenges and best ways to overcome them.  Students have been placed into book clubs and they are currently working on reading material that focuses on different skills.


Helping your child with reading

Literature Discussions


Talking with your child about what they are reading at home can be very beneficial to them. I have listed questions that you can ask them that will get them thinking.


*Who are the characters?

 *Describe the changes in (character) from chapter ____ to now, or how does  the character change from the beginning to the middle of the story, middle  to  the end of the story? 

*What character traits describe the characters?

 *What advice would you give the character?  *At the end of chapter ___, how does the character feel?

 *Describe the problem in chapter ____.  What does the character do to try to  solve the problem?

 *Do people you know in real life behave like the characters?

 *Was the behavior of the character right or wrong?  Why? 

*Would you like having one of the characters in the story as a friend?



*What is the most important idea from this part of the book?

 *Name in correct sequence, the 3 most important events in the story.

 *Name an important event that happened in the story (effect), and then tell  why it happened?  (cause)

 *What do you predict will happen next?


*Where does the story take place?  Describe the place. 

*Could there be a place like this? 

*Would you visit this place?  Why? 

*When did the story take place?

Did the story take place a long time ago or  in the future?  How do you know? 

*What does the place remind you of?  Have you ever been somewhere like this?




 *Were there any examples of similes or metaphors? (2 things being compared) 

*Were there any examples of personification? (Giving human traits to  nonliving things)  *Did the story end like you thought it would?

 *If you could change the ending, how would you change it?

 *What special sensory words or phrases did the author use to help you see, hear, smell, feel or taste things?

*Did you learn any new words in the story?  ABOUT THE AUTHOR

*Who is the author? 

*What is the author’s purpose for writing this story/chapter?  (To  entertain,  to describe, to persuade or convince, to inform) 

*What would you say in a friendly letter to the author?

*Would you read another book by this author?



 *What genre is this?  (Fiction, nonfiction, short story, novel, journal,  letter, instructions, recipe, biography, autobiography, play, poem,  newspaper  article, magazine article, essay)



 *Rate your book.  (1-10) 

 *What was your favorite part of the story?

 *If you wanted to suggest this story to a friend, what would you say?



*For nonfiction material-Name five facts you learned.  *What did you find out you didn’t know before?

*What types of text features were in your book? (charts, maps, bold print, text boxes, diagrams, etc.)  How were they helpful?

Happenings from 701

Happenings from 701.

Interims are in the Friday folders.  They will look different from what you have seen in the past because there is now a grade for every standard that we teach.  Please remember that many of these skills are emerging and we will continue to work on them throughout the year.  Hopefully this will give you a better snapshot of your child’s strengths and areas where continued support is needed.  Please sign the envelope and return it in the Friday folder.

We are beginning the second week of our third grade service project.  Our students are collecting new and gently used books for Read and Feed, a local charity. Please consider cleaning out your child’s bookshelf and donating to this wonderful cause.  The collection runs through October 11th. 

Students will be taking their Cogat test on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning.  This test will last about an hour each day.  Please make sure that your child arrives promptly on these days.

If you would like a conference, I have attached the conference schedule sign up below.


Academic happenings

In math we have completed our unit on graphing and we will now begin our unit on adding and subtracting multi digit numbers.  I teach this skill using several different methods and I do encourage students to try using them all.  It is important for children to understand what is happening when we regroup and ungroup, therefore the standard algorithm will be taught later in the unit.  Please continue to work with your child on their multiplication facts nightly.  We will spiral back to multiplication shortly.

In reading we are working on finding the main idea, supporting details and using context clues to help us figure out unknown words.  Students began using digital literacy this week.  I will continue to add assignments to Big Universe as we go along.  We will also be moving to a digital spelling program and I hope to get that implemented this week. Students continue to write summaries that include a topic sentence, supporting details and a concluding sentence.

In science we began our unit on the human body.  Our focus for this unit will be on the skeletal and muscular systems.





Happenings from 701

Greetings Parents,

I have just a few quick announcements for you.  Picture day is Thursday.  Students will need to have their payment available at that time.  I have added a link below to sign up for a Fall conference.  Please let me know if you are unable to meet at any of the times listed. We are also looking for some volunteers to help out with Fall fitness testing.  The sign up genius for this event is also listed below.


Fall PE testing is coming.

The PE testing is scheduled on your child's PE day and time as indicated in the sign-up. (Mrs. Paine, Mrs. Cook and Ms. Schmedding 3rd grade classes are mixed in with other classes - please ask your child what class they participate with and sign up for that teacher.) 

There will be Speed Rope plus four stations set up around the gym for the students to go to. Each class requires six to eight volunteers. These volunteers help with timing, counting and recording. Parent volunteers are extremely important since it is impossible for a class to successfully complete the testing without them! No experience is necessary and your child will love that you are helping out! Volunteers should arrive at the gym 5 minutes before class begins