Helping your child with reading

Literature Discussions


Talking with your child about what they are reading at home can be very beneficial to them. I have listed questions that you can ask them that will get them thinking.


*Who are the characters?

 *Describe the changes in (character) from chapter ____ to now, or how does  the character change from the beginning to the middle of the story, middle  to  the end of the story? 

*What character traits describe the characters?

 *What advice would you give the character?  *At the end of chapter ___, how does the character feel?

 *Describe the problem in chapter ____.  What does the character do to try to  solve the problem?

 *Do people you know in real life behave like the characters?

 *Was the behavior of the character right or wrong?  Why? 

*Would you like having one of the characters in the story as a friend?



*What is the most important idea from this part of the book?

 *Name in correct sequence, the 3 most important events in the story.

 *Name an important event that happened in the story (effect), and then tell  why it happened?  (cause)

 *What do you predict will happen next?


*Where does the story take place?  Describe the place. 

*Could there be a place like this? 

*Would you visit this place?  Why? 

*When did the story take place?

Did the story take place a long time ago or  in the future?  How do you know? 

*What does the place remind you of?  Have you ever been somewhere like this?




 *Were there any examples of similes or metaphors? (2 things being compared) 

*Were there any examples of personification? (Giving human traits to  nonliving things)  *Did the story end like you thought it would?

 *If you could change the ending, how would you change it?

 *What special sensory words or phrases did the author use to help you see, hear, smell, feel or taste things?

*Did you learn any new words in the story?  ABOUT THE AUTHOR

*Who is the author? 

*What is the author’s purpose for writing this story/chapter?  (To  entertain,  to describe, to persuade or convince, to inform) 

*What would you say in a friendly letter to the author?

*Would you read another book by this author?



 *What genre is this?  (Fiction, nonfiction, short story, novel, journal,  letter, instructions, recipe, biography, autobiography, play, poem,  newspaper  article, magazine article, essay)



 *Rate your book.  (1-10) 

 *What was your favorite part of the story?

 *If you wanted to suggest this story to a friend, what would you say?



*For nonfiction material-Name five facts you learned.  *What did you find out you didn’t know before?

*What types of text features were in your book? (charts, maps, bold print, text boxes, diagrams, etc.)  How were they helpful?