Happenings from 701


The book fair is coming!  We will visit the book fair on Tuesday to preview the items and we will go back on Friday to make purchases.  Family night will be Friday evening. 


Thanksgiving break will begin with an early release day on November 20th.


Our field trip to the Moorehead Planetarium will be November 27th.  No chaperones are needed.


I am in need of a few items for my treasure box and would gladly accept any donations.


Academic happenings.


We have started our second unit in Language Arts.  We are studying poetry and reading pourquoi tales about frogs.  Pourquoi tales are fictional narratives that explain why something is the way it is.  We have read stories about the poison dart frog, the wood frog, and polliwogs.  Students will be writing their very own pourquoi tale about frogs shortly.  We will also spend some time reviewing what adjectives, pronouns and superlatives are.


In math we are circling back to multiplication. We will spend several weeks working to become fluent multipliers.  Students will take timed quizzes as we go along so I can check their progress. We will focus on fluency with the digits 1-6 first.   Division will also be introduced so nightly practice with both would be beneficial.


In science we’ve started our study of the solar system.  We are learning about each of the planets.  We will also study the importance of the sun and how the earth travels around it.