Happy New Year!.  I hope that 2019 proves to be a year of great success, peace and happiness for you and your family.  Thank you so much for the many kind cards and gifts I received.  I do appreciate your generosity and support.  

Notable dates:

January 18th Make up snow day

January 21st Holiday

January 24th Parents academy at DDE

February 1st Report Cards go home


Academic Happenings

In math students are working on mastering their multiplication facts through 10.  Most of the students are doing a great job with this.  If they are unable to get all of the problems right on the first attempt they can always retake the test.  We have completed our unit on multiplication and division (even though we are still working on mastering of facts), but we will continue to work on multi-step word problems that focus on these operations. We will also be moving to our unit on geometry. This is a vocabulary rich unit, so we will spend some time familiarizing ourselves with the many words associated with this unit.  Students will be responsible for identifying different geometric shapes and  the attributes.

In Social Studies we are continuing our unit on the five themes of geography.  We have talked about absolute and relative location, place, the regions of the US and NC.  We will focus on human interactions, and movement when we return.  We will then spend some time working on different landforms found around the world.

In reading we are currently working on writing our first nonfiction essay about frogs. Students have been collecting research about their frog’s habitat, structural and behavioral adaptations, predators and prey, and interesting facts.  We have worked on writing a catchy hook, and now we are in the process of writing our first rough draft.  We will spend time making sure that the body of the essay flows, and we will practice our editing skills.  Students have been reviewing different verb tenses (past, present and future), adjectives, and pronouns.   MClass testing will begin again the week of January 7th. We will be assessing the students on reading fluency as well as oral and written comprehension. Mid year benchmark is a level N. Continue to have your child share their details when they are reading!!