Updates and happenings


Report cards and Mclass scores went home in the Friday folders.  There is also information about our Valentine’s box decorating contest in there as well. (I will send home a list with all of the student’s names shortly). We will be going to see a play about Jane Goodall’s life on Wednesday morning at the Carolina Theater.  Chaperones are not needed at this time.  Please make sure that your child wears their orange t shirt on Wednesday.    


Important dates:


Feb. 6thfield trip

February  14thValentines Day.

February  15thEarly Release

February 18thHoliday  (No school)

February 19th  Make Up snow day



Academic Happenings


In math we are wrapping up the final part of our geometry unit.  We have been discussing how to get area and perimeter and the uses for each in the real world.  Students worked on designing a floor plan in Willie Wonka’s house.  They had to include certain dimensions for several of the rooms,  they then had a good time designing some of the other rooms on this floor.  I loved seeing what they called their rooms and what each room was used for.  All of the students continue to do a great job mastering their multiplication facts. This has definitely made finding area easier.  We will be moving to our unit on fractions shortly.  This is quite a long and involved unit.   We will spend some time identifying what a fraction is, and what it looks like on both a number line and when it is partitioned in a shape. We will also practice decomposing fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and finding equivalency.


In reading we have started our unit on Peter Pan. We are reading a second edition version so the language is very difficult.  As we read, we are discussing figurative language, character traits, point of view and determining meaning of unknown words.  We are writing a summary about each chapter and learning to answer questions based on the evidence in the text.


In science we have started our unit on the 3 forms of matter.  We will do several experiments to show how matter changes from one state to another. We will also observe the physical and chemical changes that can occur when matter changes..  Finally, we will discuss how temperature impacts matter.  


Please feel free to contact me with any concerns. Thank you for support!