February Newsletter

Important dates

Feb.   15th  NC Math Check in scores went home in Friday folders

Feb.   18th   No School

Feb.   19th   Make up Snow Day

March 1st   3rd quarter interim report cards go home

March 8th   Early Release


Academic Happenings:


In Math, we have started our unit on fractions.  We have been working on partitioning fractions, putting fractions on a number line and drawing them.  Students have learned the definition of numerator, denominator and unit fraction.  In the coming days we will discuss improper and mixed numbers, and equivalent fractions.  Please continue to quiz your child nightly on their multiplication facts.

In Language Arts, we are reading Peter Pan and discussing each chapter in great detail.  Students have been working on writing chapter summaries, understanding the meaning of prefixes, and suffixes, identifying different types of figurative language,  and understanding point of view.  Students should be reading for 30 minutes a night if they have not been assigned a reading passage.

In Science, we are finishing up our unit on matter.  We have done several experiments to demonstrate how matter can change state.  We will be discussing heat transfer, evaporation and condensation next week.  We will then start our unit on force and motion.

Spring conferences will be coming shortly.  These will be student lead.  If you would prefer a one on one conference with me, please let me know.  

Thanks so much for your continued support!