I wanted to express that I am so pleased with the growth that I have seen in my students.  I see them maturing and taking ownership of their work as well as an increased level of effort with all assignments. In the coming weeks, I will be offering either individual or student lead conferences.  Please let me know if you would like to meet for an individual conference, otherwise I will assume that you would like your child to lead their conference (this conference will include work samples, what they think their strengths and weaknesses are, and what they are doing during the day). 


Important dates

March 1st Interims go home

March 6th Statewide tornado drill

March 8th Early release

March 21st International festival

March 24th the end of 3rd quarter

March 29th Teacher workday


Academic Happenings

In math we are continuing our study of fractions.  The class has done a wonderful job placing unit fractions on a number line and partitioning fractions.  We are now studying how to determine equivalency with fractions( this includes improper fractions and mixed numbers).  We will then move on to ordering and comparing fractions. Most of my students have met their goals with multiplication.  We will have an ice cream party outside(when it is not raining and it is warmer) to celebrate their fluency with their multiplication facts. I will send out an email shortly with a list of ingredients that the students have earned on their banana splits.  Thank you in advance for helping to supply these items.


In reading, we are quickly approaching the end of Peter Pan.  Everyone has really enjoyed this book.  We have also discussed the prequel called, The Little White Bird.  We have been comparing the 2 stories to see the differences and similarities in them.   Students will be writing an opinion piece about one of the 2 stories shortly.  We have also spent some time discussing point of view, and how figurative language makes reading material more exciting.  Students should be reading for 30 minutes on the days that they have reading listed on their homework.  Please check in with them to make sure that they are getting this done. 


In science, we’ve completed our unit on the states of matter.  We discussed how heat transfer affects matter, and how the molecules are arranged in the three states of matter.   We also had the opportunity to see matter changes from a solid, to a liquid and back to a solid.     Our next unit in science will be on force and motion.