Sept./Oct. Newsletter from trailer 701

Updates from 701

Congratulations to KamRon Hayes(mayor), Sophia Smith and Leila Siry(town council) on being elected to our class council.  All of the candidates did a great job giving their speeches and discussing their reasons for running.  We will have the Cary Mayor coming to DDE on October 4th to do a meet and great with all of our third grade students.  He will then meet separately with our elected officials. 

Picture day will be October 2nd.  Preorder forms were sent home for individual pictures as well as the identakid forms.  Please return these forms by picture day if you are interested in purchasing either of these items.

Walk to school or bike day will be October 3rd.

October 9th is a teacher workday.

October 10th is our Field trip to the Art Museum.  Students will wear their DDE t-shirt and we will leave and return before the end of the day. If your child is packing their lunch please make sure all items are disposable.

Here is a sneak peak of what we will be learning

In Math we have finished our unit on multiplication.  We will circle back to this 2nd quarter.  I highly encourage your child to start practicing their multiplication facts.  We will begin timed tests to check for fluency when we return to this unit.  We will now move to our unit on graphing. This will include a study of pictographs and bar graphs. This is a short unit, so from there we will begin our study of addition and subtraction.   

In Reading we have spent several weeks discussing the gist of a story using fictional material.  We have looked at the characters, problem, solution and outcome.  Our unit has been about the challenges that children face getting books around the world.  We are now looking at informational texts on the same theme.  Our focus is on identifying the main idea and supporting details. We are also learning how to write a well organized paragraph with a topic sentence and supporting details.  Students will be assigned their first research project shortly.   

In Social Studies we are finishing up our unit on good citizenship and government.  We will begin our first unit in science shortly.  Our focus will be on the systems in the human body.